Welcome to Freshman Studies 1313!

Welcome to FSTY 1313: Rhetoric and Composition II. This website will function as the online headquarters for our class this semester. Each week, I will post an update to the website with details about coming week, deadline reminders, links to helpful resources, etc… I plan to use SEU’s Blackboard site to record your grades, but otherwise, everything related to this course will be posted here. If you ever wonder what’s due on a particular date, or what you need to read before you come to class, you can check this website for the answer. If you don’t find what you’re looking for, you can email me or stop by my office (211 Premont Hall) during my office hours (M/W 9:00–12:00).

A bit about me: This is my second year as an assistant professor at St. Edward’s University. Before I moved to Austin, I spent six year at Iowa State University completing my graduate work and teaching classes in ISU’s English Department. I study the relationship between technology and communication, and I love experimenting with new technologies in the classroom and in my personal life. I’m married to a brilliant freelance writer and we have two daughters. After a year in Austin, I can confidently state that I love the restaurants and I hate the heat.

I am very excited about getting to you know all of you and working with you this semester to strengthen your skills as writers and researchers. This will be a rigorous course, but I am confident that all of you can succeed. Who knows, I may even convince a few of you to major in English Writing and Rhetoric. (A guy can dream, can’t he?)

We’re going to dive right in to our first assignment this week, so you’ll need to read pages 353–66 in Writing about Writing before you come to class on Thursday. In addition, you should come to class ready to discuss your earliest memories of reading and writing.

Finally, a quick note about this website. Throughout the semester, I’ll be asking you to respond to posts on this website. To help you get comfortable with that process, please add a comment to this post telling me a little bit about yourself and what you hope to get out of Rhet/Comp II. Before you post, a few ground rules: (1) Your classmates will see what you write, so don’t include anything intended just for me. (2) This website is public, so we will stick to using first names only. (3) Please be sure to use the same email address every time you post to the class website.

Without further ado, let’s hear from you!

22 thoughts on “Welcome to Freshman Studies 1313!

  1. Hi, I’m Molly. I’m a criminology major from Harker Heights, TX. I hope to become more comfortable with the research process and learn how to be a more active reader in Comp II.

  2. Hi! I’m Brittany! I’m from San Antonio, Texas. I’m a psychology major, trying to decide what specific area of psychology to pursue. So far, I’ve enjoyed Rhetoric & Composition II very much and hope to continue to enjoy it.

  3. Hi everyone, I’m Gabe. I’m an International Business major from San Antonio, TX. I hope to break out of the routine I’ve become used to which is writing an introductory paragraph followed by three paragraphs supporting my thesis only to restate everything I’ve said in my concluding paragraph. I’m hoping to learn a better way to write a paper and understand the importance of literature.

  4. Hey, my name is Alejandra. I am a Communication major at the moment, but I am not really sure what I want to do. I am from San Antonio, Texas. I may have stated that I hate to read but that is not the truth. I meant to say that I HATED reading, but now I love it! I am really excited about this class because it seems like it will help me develop as a writer.

  5. My name is Sonia. I’m from San Antonio. I’m currently majoring in psychology. I would like to either teach psychology or become a psychologist. All I know right now is that I want to work with teenagers. I hope to strengthen my writing skills in this class, as well as work on my grammar and punctuation.

  6. Hello, everyone! My name is Jacqueline and I’m an Environmental Science and Policy Major. I love to read more than anything, especially nonfiction that explains unfamiliar topics in captivating ways. I also really enjoy comics so that makes me glad I picked SEU! My favorite comic series is Y: the Last Man but I suppose it can be controversial at times. I expect to have fun in Rhet & Comp but I am really hoping to build some confidence in my writing abilities. I think that insecurity about my writing is a significant hinderance to my ability. Have a nice day & thanks for reading my post!

  7. Hi there everyone! My name is Jennifer, though I go by Jenny. I am currently a psychology major, and am from Houston, TX. My lifetime hobbies are reading and drawing! My favorite books include Catch 22, the Harry Potter Series, Game of Thrones, and many, many more. I am also an avid fan of comics (japanese manga comics in particular), so I am very excited for the comics portion of the class. I also look forward to discussing more with you all; it’s been fun in the past two classes to hear everyone’s opinion. I hope to become a better, more eloquent writer through this class, and specifically a writer who can develop a compelling argument. I look forward to the semester!

  8. Hey ya’ll! I’m Denae! I’m from San Juan, Tx. I am and English Writing and Rhetoric Major. English has always been my passion and I greatly enjoy reading all genres of books and I love to write. I am really looking forward to this class because I think it will help me to improve my writing skills and teach me more about research, the correlation between literacy and technology, and about English in general.

  9. Hey everyone! I’m Alex! I’m from Beaumont, TX. I’m majoring in Accounting hoping to become a CPA. I love reading various types of novels and stories, and I can’t wait to get to know each and every one of you!

  10. hello everyone! Im jessica, but people usually call me jessie. I live here in Austin about 15 minutes away from St Edwards. I play soccer for the team here and am currently striving for a kinesiology major. I do not like reading that much, and i am not very good at writing, but i always try my best. Hopefully this class will help me!

  11. Hey everyone! My name is Cassandra and I am a Biology Pre- Med major. I’m from Plano, TX and I’m kinda loving Austin and SEU right about now. I am half-Asian and half-Polish. In my free time I love to sketch, read, run, and surf. As for what I would like to get out this class; a better appreciation for comics (which shouldn’t be too difficult) and a better overall writing skill.

  12. Hi! My name is Alyssa and I am from Houston, Texas. I am majoring in Environmental Science and Policy because I have a passion for our environment, and I want to do something to change it for the better. I love being outdoors, but it’s often unbearable in the Texas heat. I adore animals, shopping, and trying new things. I hope to become a stronger, more confident writer this semester and break out of the five paragraph essay rut. I’m really looking forward to it!

  13. Hi, I am Collin and I am from Lake Travis, Texas. I am undecided on my major but I will probably go into business or philosophy. I am very active and I love getting out and doing things. Although its been hard this summer with the heat. I hope to become a better and stronger writer from this class. I am excited and looking forward to this year.

  14. Hi, I’m Jack, and I’ve lived my entire life in Austin. I love it too much to leave. I’m a psychology major, and I’d like to be a psychiatrist one day. I love English and writing and reading, even if it’s just a pastime. And I like to shop.

  15. Hey guys, my name is Steph by I mostly go by Steph. I am from Tyler, Texas and my major is undecided at this point, but I’m leaning towards a science major. I love music, animals and going out with my friends. I hope to become a better writer and make an A in this class.

  16. Hi! I’m Katy Trotter, I’m from Buda, Texas. I am a marketing major right now, but I’m considering changing to communication. I always find time to read, it helps me escape from reality for a short time. I hope to become a better writer and broaden my reading horizon in this class.

  17. Hey, I’m Laney. I’m from Fort Worth, Texas. I’m a musician and I’m really into film. My major is Digital Media Management, which is basically Music Business.

  18. Howdy! My name is Julie Arnold and I’m proud to say that I am a native to Austin, Texas. I’m majoring in writing and rhetoric, granted, I love to write–mainly creative and theological prose. I also enjoy attending music festivals such as ACL and going to Barton Springs pool to cool off in the dreadful summer heat.

  19. Hi everyone! I’m Lanie and I am from Winnie, Texas (south of Houston). I’m majoring in Digital Media Management. I love writing, but more expository writing and rhetorical analysis. So far, I love the class and I am hoping that comp. II will help me stregthen my writing abilities and become a more confident reader and writer!

  20. Hey y’all, this is Taylor. I’m a born-and-raised Texan, and my only semi-passionate interest lies in stories. As such, I’m currently on track to be a English Writing and Rhetoric major with an emphasis on Creative Writing. I *hope* to gain a stronger desire to actually write my own stuff as class continues for the semester, otherwise I will continue to pretend that my one true love is editing.

  21. Hey my name is John Hamilton I am from San Antonio. My major is marketing. I enjoy being outdoors and listening to music.

  22. Hi, my name is Lacey Marshall. I am from Katy and I am majoring in Digital Media Management. I plan on working in advertisement although if I could pick my dream job it would be working in post production with movies.