Week 3: Workshopping Our Literacy Narratives; Introducing the Research Process

The introductions to your literacies narratives look very promising, and I think most of you are on the right track with this first assignment. If you’re feeling lost or stuck, please come see me during my office hours on Monday or Wednesday. Otherwise, you should be making steady progress on your narrative, which is due next Thursday at the beginning of class. Here’s a detailed breakdown of what we’ll be doing next week:

  • On Tuesday, we will briefly discuss one final article related to the Literacy Narrative unit: “The Future of Literacy,” by Dànielle DeVoss, et al. (WAW, pp. 395–421). We will spend the rest of class in a peer-review workshop, helping you finalize your literacy narrative. This weekend, you should complete your narrative (review the assignment sheet to make sure you are following the guidelines for this essay) and bring three printed copies of it to class on Tuesday.
  • On Thursday, you will submit your finished literacy narrative at the beginning of class, then we will begin discussing our next three assignments, all of which relate to a single research project that you will plan and conduct. To prepare for this discussion, please read “What Is It We Do When We Write Articles Like This One — and How Can We Get Students to Join Us?”, by Michael Kleine (WAW, pp. 22–33).

As always, if you have any questions about these plans, please let me know. Otherwise, enjoy your weekend and good luck with drafting your literacy narrative!

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