Weeks 15 and 16: Wrapping up the Instructional Comic (and the Semester)

Our final week of class will be devoted to helping you put the finishing touches on your instructional comic, which is due during Finals Week. I know how busy you’ll be with final projects and exams in all of your classes, so I have eliminated all readings and homework assignments that aren’t related to this project. Here’s how we’ll spend our time in class:

  • On Tuesday, we will spend the day in workshop mode, so please bring your laptops and be ready to spend the class session turning your comic from rough draft into final draft. Depending on how far along you were when you met with me for your individual conference, you may have a little — or a lot — of work to do this weekend. By the time you come to class on Tuesday, you should be done taking pictures/screenshots, and your script should be 100% complete. To put it another way, your time in class should be devoted to putting the finishing touches on your comic, not creating new panels or developing your storyline.
  • On Thursday, we will conduct a peer critique session, which will allow you to see what your classmates have done and provide you with some feedback on your own comic. Please bring at least one printed copy of your comic (more, if it’s not too expensive) to class. UPDATE: Please remember that Thursday is also the final day to turn in your revised Research Paper. To submit your project, staple the revised paper to the top of your earlier draft (the one with my comments and your preliminary grade).
  • During Finals Week, we will meet to share your comics and celebrate the end of the semester with a breakfast party. Our final is scheduled for Tuesday, December 13, from 9-11 a.m., and we will meet in our regular classroom. I’ll bring Shipley Do-Nuts, and maybe a few of you can team up with a classmate to bring other food items for our celebration. Your finished comic (printed in color) is due at the beginning of the final, and you should upload an electronic copy of your Comic Life file to my Dropbox before you come to class. (I will send the password via email.) Please name your file as follows: “Full Name 1313 Comic.cl2doc”. Before you submit your comic, you should review the assignment sheet, especially the evaluation criteria, which I will use to grade your comic.

And that’s it for Rhetoric and Composition II! I have really enjoyed this semester, and I can’t wait to see your finished comics. If you want to meet with me individually for help with your comic, please come see me during office hours (M/W 9-12) or email me to set up another appointment.

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