Week 14: Revision Strategies, Comics Challenges, and Individual Conferences

Welcome to the home stretch of the semester! I hope you’ve been enjoying your Thanksgiving break, and I hope you return to campus with fully charged batteries. The remainder of our semester will be dedicated to the Instructional Comic project, which is due during finals week. Next week, we will conduct a few activities designed to help you develop your comic. Here’s an overview of what we’ll do each day:

  • On Tuesday, we will continue to study the genre conventions of comics, then we will discuss some tips for successfully revising your Unit #4 research papers. Your only homework between now and Tuesday is to make progress on your comic, so please dedicate sufficient time to create/photograph your characters, draft your script, and outline your panels. Please bring your laptops to class, and be ready to share your work and ask any questions (technological or otherwise) that you have encountered with Comic Life, Pixton, or anything else related to this project.
  • In place of our regular class session on Thursday, I will hold individual conferences with each of you to review your comic and help you resolve any problems you encountered as you drafted your comic. (Note the past tense use of “drafted” here; this means you should have a complete draft of your comic by this point.) These conferences will be held in my office (211 Premont Hall) on Wednesday and Thursday, and I will pass around a sign-up sheet in class on Tuesday. When you come to your conference, please bring a printed copy of your comic and your laptop (in case we need to address any technological issues).

Finally, please remember that your revised Research Paper is due no later than Thursday, December 8, though you are welcome to resubmit it any time between now and then. The revision for this paper is NOT optional, so please don’t neglect this aspect of the assignment. If you would like to meet with me to discuss your paper, please see me during office hours or email me to set up an appointment at another time.

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